Bespoke Bridal

THEODORA KOUTS® bridal gowns are custom couture pieces, designed and created for each bride specifically to suit their style and silhouette.

Providing a tailored service, Theodora works with you to design every detail of your wedding dress to ensure that your wedding gown is not only beautiful to the eye but is beautiful to wear.

As a designer and someone who takes immense pride in her work, being there to guide you through the process and be personally involved in every step towards creating a gown that makes your heart fill with joy is important to Theodora. From the inner construction to the hem, Theodora works to ensure your wedding dress is gently sewn together with the commitment, care and attention to detail that you expect would go into the design and construction of a dress that you wear on one of the most magical and memorable days of your life.

With a sophisticated yet delicate aesthetic being the hallmark of the brand, THEODORA KOUTS® is suitable for brides that are looking for a wedding gown that is subtly distinctive, for a look that is all at once inspired, polished and timeless.

If you would like to make an appointment, please submit an online appointment request and a suitable date and time will be arranged with you.