A little about me

For me, alongside caring for my young family, designing dresses is my reason for being; and because I love what I do, you can be sure I do it with all my heart.

When it comes to designing dresses for my clients, I like to take a measured approach to my work – creating gowns to fit their individual measurements – because every woman is made perfectly different and, as I often say, even the most beautiful dresses lose some of their charm if the fit isn’t quite right.

Beyond achieving a great fit, I also like to work with my clients to create a dress that suits them more so, never underestimating the power of the simple and the understated in a gown that is made to complement the wearer. With this in mind, my design aesthetic centres on creating sophisticated, delicate and romantic pieces made special by their subtle detailing.

By way of my background, my affection for fashion extends back to my childhood and endures enthusiastically to this day. My inherent interest in fashion design led me to take Textiles and Design for four years in high-school – study that was instrumental in the initial development of my design and sewing skills. I then went on to study public relations and law at university and worked in both areas, before deciding to pursue my first love of fashion in 2013.

Upon completing an Associate Degree in Fashion Design at the renowned Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, I worked towards the establishment of my own business in 2016 and my debut collection of evening gowns. Born from believing in doing something that makes me happy, I started THEODORA KOUTS® to share my love of fashion design and to create a little graceful sophistication, one dress at a time.