Red HOT! My favourite red dresses from the movies

With Valentine’s Day having just passed, and with all things red and love-hearts framing our lives for a little this week, it had me thinking about my favourite red dresses from the many rom-coms I’ve seen. So, I thought I would write about a few of them, just for fun, before the week is out. I wonder how many of these fiery red numbers are burned in your memory too?... Read More

It’s not all about the dress!

A dress is never worn on its own. Rather, it is styled in a certain manner and the way a dress is styled has a bearing on how beautiful it is. To me, a dress is only really beautiful when it fits well, when it suits the wearer perfectly and when it is styled appropriately... Read More

Sitting pretty, poolside

As a designer, thoughtfully-landscaped, crystal clear, aqua-coloured pools, are an endless source of inspiration to me, and this is no surprise, given pools have long featured in fashion photography... Read More

From the first design to the final dress

Creating a dress for someone for a special occasion, is work that requires dedication, close attention to detail and patience. In this piece, I briefly touch on the process that I generally follow in creating a dress for a client and the magic that takes place behind-the-scenes!... Read More

Should I buy a dress or have one made?

This is a question that we often ask ourselves when we have a special event coming up and we are looking for a dress that is just as special. As an evening gown designer and dressmaker, my preference is often to have one made, and here's why!... Read More