da capo al fine

Italian musical term. From the beginning to the end

There is something to be said for the unequivocal elegance of the grand piano. Perhaps it is the distinctive shape, its intricate internal structure or the way each note bears a different sound. Perhaps it is the musical possibilities it represents or the range of emotions it can invariably express. Maybe it is the unmistakable charm it brings to the theatre, the orchestra, a room full of people. Its perfect form effortlessly draws the eye in a way that transcends time – the same way that certain musical pieces remain relevant year after year.

For me, the piano has played a defining role. As a child who grew up learning to play the piano, it represented the unattainable – something difficult to master. Now, in the pursuit of fashion design, it is a symbol of perseverance, of practice making perfect, of the freedom to start again at any time and on any note.

This collection draws inspiration from all that the grand piano represents together with all that is offered by the interiors of theatre settings and concert halls. This inspiration is sewn into each piece and is expressed in the use of line, colour and shape, which plays out in the collection like a modest heartfelt composition with a ‘piano’ (It. soft) start and a ‘marcato’ (It. marked) finish.

The da capo al fine collection is available by order. Made to measure, each piece is crafted to fit your measurements and requirements.