Pieces of a nostalgic heart

My father once said that life is made up of a series of moments. Little parcels of time, the most poignant of which, become memories.

At first I thought this was far too simple a way to describe the human experience, but as the years go by, the more I can see and can appreciate, the simple truth in his words. Every new experience, every new day, has the potential to leave a lasting memory; and while some memories are comforting and held dear, others are hurtful to revisit.

Looking back is almost always accompanied by an emotion. It is in this experience and in the notion of nostalgia that this collection is firmly set. In particular, it is the nostalgia that lives in the heart, the kind that carries a certain affection for a time that has long since passed.

It is reflected in a familiar scent that sends your mind into a complete spin. It is in the knots felt deep within your heart when an old song plays. It is the lump in your throat when your mind recollects, in sharp focus, a time, a place, a person, you thought to be almost long forgotten.

Throughout the collection, this notion of ‘a nostalgic heart’ is represented in colours of deep raspberry, mauve, lavender, steel blue and warm pink. Texture in weaves and ties are complemented by soft gathers and falls piecing together the emotion, the intensity, the longing and the haze that is characteristic of the theme, and conversely, the weightlessness and wonder that comes with letting go and welcoming new experiences.

The collection lookbook is shot by talented photographer Yianni Aspradakis and is set against a background of original oil paintings created to capture the theme by accomplished Australian artist, Alexandra Danalis. The organic and varied brush strokes, calming colours and subtle motifs throughout the two works, relevantly titled ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘In the beginning’ not only celebrate the collection but are a true accompaniment.

Finally, this narrative would not be complete without mention of someone who has formed part of many of my memories – my late Grandmother. And so, this collection is warmly dedicated to the feisty and fearless Theodora Shakalli, in fond memory of the good old times.

The Pieces of a Nostalgic Heart collection of couture gowns are made to order to fit individual client measurements.

Diamond pendant necklace and blue topaz ring by Affinity Diamonds
Exquisite raspberry and pink headpiece by Viktoria Novak